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Sleeping in Compression Socks: The Myths & Benefits

Compression socks and sleeves are excellent, especially for athletes. Most, if not all, athletes use and wear them after an intense workout, cycling, yoga session, or after any other intense activity.

The above paragraph was all about everyday athletes, but what are their benefits for ordinary people? Suppose you are a typical person like me. In that case, the chances are that you’ve seen compression socks before, particularly the long stockings that squeeze around your legs. But if you’ve never used or worn them, you definitely want to know more about these handy apparel.

From their obvious medical benefits to the misconceptions about uses, there’s a lot that you want to learn about compression socks. So, with that in mind, we seek help from well-known foot surgeon Dr. Botek, DPM, so that you can have all your questions answered from a reliable source.
Before we move on to the myths and other details, do you really know what exactly compression socks are?

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What Are Compression Socks?

what are compression socks

Generally, compression socks are used to eliminate or reduce discomfort from your lower body. However, effective compression socks are quite helpful for our overall health. Compression socks are specifically made to improve blood flow as they put pressure on your lower legs. These socks also help varicose veins and possible blood clots and prevent your lower body from swelling.

There are different shapes and sizes of these socks with various types of compression intensities.

Benefits of compression socks

There are many claims that compression socks can help in overall performance and recovery. However, according to our expert, the socks are helpful for:

  • Increasing joint awareness.
  • Increasing muscle oxygenation.
  • Decreasing muscle vibration.
  • Increasing skin temperatures.
  • Reducing the perception of fatigue.

Recovery claims:

  • They help with metabolic waste removal after an intense workout.
  • Improve blood flow, especially in the lower body.
  • Reduces muscle soreness and swelling.
  • Reduces the concentration of creatine kinase.

You might find some other claims, but only these claims are supported by authentic research and studies. Apart from these benefits, compression socks are also handy for pregnant women. Let us check out why:

How long can I wear compression socks?

There is no straightforward to this question. Some people, such as athletes, wear them for the whole day whereas most people wear these during exercise. Moreover, you will find some people that only use them after intense workouts. Therefore, this mainly depends on your regime and on the purpose for which you are wearing them. Keep experimenting to determine which regime works best for you and improves your overall performance and recovery.

Should You Sleep in Compression Socks?

should you sleep in compression socks

After reading all about compression socks and their purposes, along with the positives and negatives that you might witness while wearing, you might be thinking about whether you should sleep while wearing compression socks or not. First, ask yourself this question and then move on to the next section.

Is It Safe To Wear Compression Socks To Bed?

The simple answer is, Yes! But, typically, the compression socks are worn when you are active as they improve blood circulation. However, when you are resting, lying, or sleeping, these socks are not that effective. Therefore, most people wear when while sleeping because they keep your legs warm all night long as the compression increases blood circulation.

Most people also wear compression socks while asleep when recovering from surgery or due to other specific reasons. In these cases, low-intensity compression is mostly advised apart from particular instructions from your surgeon.

To sum up, for all healthy individuals, there’s no reason that you should wear compression socks when going to bed. We will advise you to wear them while you are active and don’t wear compression socks when you are asleep.

Compression Socks to Bed When Pregnant

Compression socks can be a bit uncomfortable for some to-be moms, but overall these are beneficial for pregnant women. Wearing them at night reduces blood clotting, cramps, and some other common sufferings during pregnancy, as per Dr. Botek. Another reason to wear compression socks during pregnancy is that they help relieve deep vein thrombosis, a major risk for pregnant women.

Similarly, most women have swelling around their lower legs. It is a painful thing that almost all pregnant women go through. For these pregnant ladies, compression socks are a must, and they should wear them when they are walking or standing on their feet.

In some cases, physicians might advise pregnant women to wear these when going to bed. This is because, when you wear them while sleeping, you will suffer less as compression socks relieve the swelling and improve blood circulation.

Some negatives of wearing compression socks when going to sleep:

According to our expert Dr. Botek, these socks keep blood flow away from your lower leg and feet. They can affect the blood flow when you’re resting or sleeping.

Below are some of the negative that you might face when sleeping with the compression socks on: 

  • They are less effective when you are lying down.
  • It can affect blood circulation.
  • They can make your preexisting condition worse.

Why Do You Have To Sleep Wearing Compression Socks?

compression socks to bed

Below, we will conclude everything by debating the factors you must consider when deciding whether you should sleep wearing the compression socks.

Here are the key points that you must think about:

  • Does your physician suggest this practice?
  • Do you have any pre-existing health illnesses?
  • Do you want to wear them to treat any particular disease or disorder?

Unless your doctor prescribes it, we will not advise you to wear them while sleeping; neither is it necessary to wear these socks while you’re sleeping.
If you are still unsure about what to do, we will advise you to consult with your doctor as soon as possible and discuss the usage of compression socks.

Final Thoughts

Overall, compression socks are helpful for those who really need them, but it is not compulsory to wear them when you are sleeping. If you have any specific recommendation from your doctor, it is safe to wear these socks while sleeping, as you will not face any problems in that case.

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